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Hello, my name is Irene and I’m a native Spanish language professional with 10 years of experienceI collaborate with brands, agencies and private clients in translation and transcreation projects from English, French or Italian into Spanish.

I work most often with digital marketing content, after 6 years of in-house experience in the e-commerce and e-business sectors. I also love working in creative translation projects related to advertisement, editorial content and artistic products.

My training consists on a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting as well as previous background education in art and musicI have lived in 5 different countries and visited more than 20. I would be pleased to help you achieve your communication goals!

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I have the language proficiency, the cultural knowledge and the technical competence to take care of your project. After completing a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting at Pablo de Olavide University, I have lived and travelled extensively in English, French and Italian-speaking countries. I am fully prepared to solve linguistic challenges!

More than 10 years of experience as a language professional are a great training to understand the reality of the market. I have worked in-house and as a freelancer for different entities, proving flexibility to address different needs in multiple environments and learn continuously.

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international communication strategy

If you aim to grow your potential by targetting the Spanish audience I can help you make a difference! I have extensive experience in communication and marketing, which means that I can transcreate your copy, localize your website and adapt the content of your blog or e-books, among other marketing related linguistic services. I also do creative translations for editorial publications and authors. 

Choosing high-value linguistic services means investing in your own results. Better reputation for your company, higher sales of your products, more engagement of your audience, more conversion in your website, the loyalty of your readers! I offer fair costs to clients who value professional work. I can help you get a step closer to your goals! 

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I am a problem-solver with strong work ethics willing to engage in a long-term constructive collaboration with my clients. I’ll be happy to know about your project or ongoing collaboration needs.

I adapt to the needs of your company or project in terms of complementary tasks to perform, training needed or software usage. New learning opportunities are a synonym of professional growth!

Education & Certifications

Degree on Translation and Interpreting
International Exchange Program
International Exchange Program
DALF C2 Certification

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